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Energy efficient homes without the extra haggle and price. Why offer so much when others just want to charge for upgrades? Simple, this is your hard earned money and regardless of your level of customization these are common sense items that will transcend into hard saved cash… besides who doesn’t want to help the environment in the process?

Since cooling and heating accounts for 43% of the energy used in a home, we decided to give this area a big push… literally! A 16 SEER A/C over the standard (mandated by government) 13 SEER; this means an overall savings of $357 on a 3 ton unit (36,000 BTU’s), imagine that! More savings on larger units but you won’t have to pay an extra dime.

Energy efficient home builder in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL

High Efficiency Energy Star water heater. So what’s in a water heater? Heating water accounts for approximately 12% of a home’s energy use. High efficiency water heaters use 10% to 50% less energy than standard models, with potential savings of $500 over the life of the equipment.

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Windows are one of the most important components in your home, not only for protection but energy efficiency as well. We install hurricane rated (impact resistant) windows and doors which provide exceptional protection against storms and water intrusion; this is due in part to their heavier construction which utilizes larger frames, better silicones and adhesives, and thicker laminated glass.

Plus a light tint coating provides for a lower U-value thus allowing for better dissipation of heat. Not bad for just “sitting there” and presumably doing nothing!

Energy efficient home builder in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL

Insulation is another extremely important area of energy efficiency, especially in the harsh Florida weather. We start by using foam board insulation on concrete block walls; this type of insulation provides better R-value versus the industry standard foil. How much better… R-value of 5 for foam board and 4.1 for foil – better resistance to heat transfer. We don’t stop there, also improved is the insulation in the attic, we use R-value of 30 BATT insulation versus the mandated R-19.

Wait there is more! We also include insulation over the garage and lanai areas, these are typically neglected by most builders because it’s not a requirement, but what’s the point of letting all the heat from your garage or lanai into the main area of the home. Whew! Yes that was a bit long but worth it.

Energy efficient home builder in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL

And last but not least, Energy Star appliances. We’ll keep this one short and sweet; Energy Star appliances reduce consumption by as much as 15% over the conventional models.

Energy efficient homes built in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL area

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